Q&A with our claims sector specialist

James joined Regis in October 2015 as a Claims Hander to specifically support the launch of the Fire & Rescue Indemnity Company Mutual.

Perhaps we can start by you introducing yourself James and telling us about some of things you do at Regis for the FRIC Mutual.

I joined Regis as I was interested in the opportunity to assist a number of fire services in the UK with the skills I had built up as a motor claims handler for a number of years. I felt that Regis was an employer that allowed a person to grow and be recognised for their contribution made to the company.

For FRIC we built and developed a brand new claims system with the support of our IT developer. This system was at the request of FRIC to allow a fully transparent claims handling system. The system allows our members to not only have a direct input to complete initial claims information as requested but also have the ability at any time to receive a live update on the claim by reviewing file notes, documents, reserves and diary. We continue to develop this system with our members.

What was the member’s reaction to the new claims system?

Member feedback has been very positive. We have been able to provide a much more personal and direct service to our members. Members feel they now have more oversight and control over their claims.

Are there any claims trends and changes in the market that we should be aware of and planning for?

The Civil Liability Bill is on the horizon and will certainly change the landscape of soft tissue injury claims moving forward. On matters where our members are at fault, Regis have a very high uptake of services offered to a third party. As such, we are prepared for the expected increase in ‘direct claimant’ claims.

What do you think is the future for claims?

Autonomous devices are really making a difference in the claims market. While autonomous vehicles are frequently discussed, people quickly forget that we are adding more devices to our homes with the ability to instantly make contact should something see wrong. Technology will only grow within a claims environment. That being said, I strongly believe a human element will always be required given the highly methodical process within claims.

Could you share some thoughts as to how Regis can keep up with these changes?

Members of the claims team frequently attend meeting with our members and professional bodies/organisations to review and discuss claims trends and developments. I myself have a keen interest in technology and always willing to pass on details to what I have learnt to my colleagues.