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We’re A Leading Mutual Management Company.

Our mission is to make a real difference in the insurance sector by offering choice to our clients and their members through the establishment and careful management of mutuals. Our services provide a made-to-measure alternative to conventional insurance.

We offer choice to our clients and their members through carefully managed mutuals which can include broking and contact centre projects. Our services provide a made-to-measure alternative to conventional insurance.

We’re passionate about empowering our clients so they’re in control. The mutuals we manage are inherently customer focused and their products are designed specifically for the members. We are constantly challenging our staff to think differently to support the mutuals and their members.

Regis Mutual Management is an international market leader in creating and managing true mutuals – a new generation of mutuals that are based upon the spirit of mutuals in their original form, brought to life by modern, professional and disciplined management skills. We’re ICMIF’s (International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation) preferred choice for establishing new mutuals in the developed world.


What is a Mutual?

Mutuals aren’t a new idea; they have been around for hundreds of years. Whilst the concept is steeped in history, it’s more relevant today than it’s ever been. Mutuals offer a strong, stable and trusted alternative to traditional insurance companies with shareholders.

Regis create and manage mutuals – an alternative to traditional insurance

Mutuals do not have shareholders, instead each mutual is owned by its members – its customers. The mutual is operated solely for the benefit of the members. All members pay a contribution to the mutual which is used to pay claims and run the business. Members can attend Annual General Meetings and vote on important issues including who is elected to the board. The board makes key decisions such as what to do with any surplus after payment of claims, insurance premiums and administration costs.

Our mutuals offer a robust structure for claims and risk transfer, or as we call it; a redesigned approach to insurance.

At Regis we are passionate about mutuals.

Our Board of Directors

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Peter Wyatt


Ian Mundy


Danny Gluszkiewicz

Managing Director

 Staff Profiles

Experience   •   Knowledge   •   Innovation   •   Passion

Kerry French

Account Services


Simon Iliffe

Risk Manager


Shaun Fyson

Mutual Manager


Salinda Saat

Casualty Underwriter


Shaun Fyson

Mutual Manager


Pete Watts

Underwriting Manager


Jamie Thomson

Claims Manager


Christine Cummings

Services Manager


One of the primary reasons that we outsource the management of Unimutual to Regis is their ability to attract and retain high quality staff.

Martin Griffith
Martin Griffith
Chairman of the Unimutual board
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