Are you getting value for
from your insurance?

Would you like more control
over your risk?

And what if there were
no shareholders taking profits?

We’re Regis.
Insurance redesigned for today.

We believe there’s a better way…

Mutual Management

Setting up, managing
and growing mutuals.

We’re Regis.

Insurance redesigned for today.

We are experts at creating and managing mutuals.
We deliver a full mutual management service.
We help people and organisations save time and money, reduce their risk and make sure their best interests are being served.
We know traditional insurance products and services are not always the answer.
We enable clients to take control of their risk.
We give choice to organisations in how they protect against risk.

What is a mutual?

A mutual is a different kind of business. A mutual is owned by individual members not big investors or shareholders and the members get a chance to have a say in how the mutual is run.

Mutuals offer a strong, trusted alternative to traditional insurance companies with shareholders.

They’re not a new idea, but they’re more relevant today than they’ve ever been. A Regis mutual is entirely owned by its members, and run by a board appointed by the membership. There are no shareholders; everything the mutual does is for its members’ benefit.

A mutual pools the risk of members from a specific sector and leverages the scale of its membership to generate benefits that would be out of their reach under conventional, individual insurance.

It’s the kind of protection you can have confidence in.

More about mutuals

Our Services

Combined with the passion, knowledge and international experience of our teams, we place our customers’ interests front and centre of everything that we do.

Establishing mutuals
First steps matter. We offer comprehensive planning and strategy services that integrate the key financial, legal, regulatory and operational factors within a single, seamless plan.

Mutual management
We offer a full range of mutual management services including client services, claims handling, underwriting, risk management, governance, compliance and legal services, please click here for more details.

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Regis has managed our mutual like it’s their own, delivering consistently great service time after time.

Peter Wagg
Peter Wagg
The Retail Mutual, Chairman

One of the primary reasons that we outsource the management of Unimutual to Regis is their ability to attract and retain high quality staff.

Martin Griffith
Martin Griffith
Unimutual board, Chairman

It is very clear to me that Regis have been outstanding as managers for our Activities Industry Mutual and have made the process an enjoyable journey for the members and directors.

Andrew Gardiner,
Andrew Gardiner,
AIM, Chairman
  • Level 11, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000