On 1 April 2019, Employsure Mutual Limited officially opened its doors to new Members.

Employsure Mutual is a mutual established in Australia by Employsure Pty Ltd for its clients – small and medium sized businesses to whom the company provides comprehensive support and advice for the management of employment relations and workplace health and safety compliance, disputes and related matters.

As part of its service to its clients, Employsure had operated a scheme to provide insurance to its 25,000 clients in Australia and New Zealand for employment litigation matters, defence costs and penalties.  With the growth of its business, Employsure saw an opportunity to enhance service and benefits for its clients by establishing a mutual where Members’ interests are front and centre.  With effective risk management already being delivered through Employsure’s core services this made perfect sense.

Employsure partnered with Regis and Australian broking firm Gow-Gates to jointly establish and manage the Mutual.  Employsure will continue to handle all client/Member engagement including front-line claims, whilst Regis and Gow-Gates will provide claims support and manage all other aspects of the mutual.

Though the Mutual only recently commenced operation, membership and protection take-up has been extraordinary. It is the belief of Employsure that Members will value the involvement of fellow small business owners on the Board of the Mutual and the way in which the Mutual puts Members first.